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MITSUTEA横浜店舗 改装のためおやすみをいただきます

MITSUTEA 横浜の店舗は、「スリランカのティーテイスティングルーム」を再現し、リニューアルいたします!


店舗休み期間 6/10(月)~約1か月

通販休み期間 6/11(火)~約10日間



Online basic course

3 online courses
Premium Basic Course (Beginner 10 times / year)
Possible admission to the master course
Ceylon Tea Master Course (16 intermediate and advanced courses + tour / 9 months)
Cafe menu course (beginner-intermediate 12 times / year)


This course, want to drink a delicious tea at home, will be the delicious tea want to hospitality, also basic content that can feel free to practice for the person that came out is interested in tea.

By learning basic knowledge such as how to make black tea and knowing tea from various production areas of Ceylon tea, we will propose ways to enjoy black tea that suits each season.

You will be amazed at how many different flavors and aromas of tea you can enjoy in this small island country of Sri Lanka.

Incorporate high-quality Ceylon tea into your daily life and start a slightly more premium tea life at home.

If you proceed to the master course after completing the premium basic course, you will be exempted from the basic contents (7 subjects such as how to brew black tea, spices, and compatibility with herbs) included in the master course. Will be done.

<Course attendance limited gift>

Those who take the course will receive a jumping teapot and tea strainer recommended by Ceylon Tea School.

[Points of online lessons]

・ Each time, we will practice according to the theme. We will send you the tea leaves, herbs, spices, etc. used from here, but since you use your own tools, you can smoothly reproduce what you have learned.

・ You can watch from your home using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. (Using Zoom)

You can participate even if the video is off, but we will have you practice every time, so we would be grateful if you could show us what you are doing with the video on.

・ Lessons will be recorded every time. If you are unable to attend due to circumstances, or if you missed the lesson on the way, please contact us to watch the lesson video.


Starts in April 2021

Once a month / Sunday (excluding August) 10 am-11:30am

The first time Ceylon tea識Ru <course limited>

▼ Sri Lanka and Tea-History of Ceylon Tea and Now-

▼ Overview of Ceylon Tea 7 major production areas

▼ [Practice] Tasting of 7 major production areas of Ceylon tea

2nd How to make black tea *

▼ Tools and water for making tea

▼ Rules for adding delicious Ceylon tea-tea leaves, hot water, steaming time-

▼ [Practice] Let's master the basic method of brewing black tea

3rd ice tea brewed how *

▼ How to brew iced tea  

-Ceylon tea that suits the on-the-lock method and Ceylon tea that is recommended for watering-

▼ How to make rich iced milk tea-What is iced tea that can be mixed with ice or milk?

▼ How to make black tea syrup that goes well with iced tea

4th Arranged iced tea that can be used for hospitality *

▼ How to make beautiful iced tea ▼ How to choose syrup and fruit that suits each of watered iced tea and authentic iced tea

▼ Ice milk tea arrangement

▼ [Practice] Let's make tropical fruit iced tea

5th herbs and tea synergistic effect

▼ How to blend with herbs that go well with black tea

▼ Find Ceylon tea that goes well with the scent of herbs

▼ [Practice] Let's make tea that is a blend of your favorite herbs and Ceylon tea.


The 6th How to brew milk tea that is particular about tea leaves and milk *

▼ 4 points for making delicious milk tea

 -Type of tea leaves, amount of tea leaves, steaming time, milk-

Milk and quantity that match milk tea, detailed milk story

▼ [Practice] Let's put the best cup of milk tea


7th Spice accents black tea *

▼ Main spices that go well with black tea and how to use them

▼ How to choose Ceylon tea according to the flavor of spices

▼ [Practice] Let's make mulled wine tea to enjoy with spices

8th Full-scale chai that can be easily made *

▼ How to make basic chai made with a hand pot

▼ Spices that go well with chai (spices used will be sent)

▼ [Practice] Let's make an original masala chai with your favorite spices

9th Fruit and Ceylon tea compatibility

▼ What is Ceylon tea that complements seasonal fruits?

▼ Easy arrangement tea using fruits

▼ [Practice] Let's make pot fruit tea using seasonal fruits

Enjoy the 10th afternoon tea <course limited>

Tips for opening and preparing home afternoon tea

Etiquette of how to have afternoon tea

▼ [Practice] Challenge handmade scones

In the final episode, prepare sandwiches and sweets of your choice, and enjoy the afternoon tea at home with fresh scones.

: Course fee 10 times 44000 yen (tax included) (Special rate only for course attendance)

(Including tea leaves for home training, spices, text, and shipping fee. The text will be attached to the email in advance.)

: Lecturer Tea Instructor Yuko Yamaguchi

: Capacity 6 people

You can take the courses marked with * even in a single session.

Please contact us by email for details.

[Q & A] is here

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