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Group charter online lessons

Company benefits, school PTA training, etc.

[Corona troubles for corporations and organizations]
Up to 90 people! Online tea lessons are held for private use (the above photos have been approved for publication)
Now that I can't travel or train as I want because of the new coronavirus  
As part of the company's welfare program, as a school PTA training, as a professional instructor training to deepen the knowledge of tea
The number of inquiries about online lessons reserved for groups has increased significantly.
[Characteristics of online lessons]
: Rest assured that you can participate from your home or office.
: We have various contents from beginners to professionals.
We will guide you through a year of tea training in Sri Lanka and have received a letter of recommendation from the Sri Lankan Government Tea Bureau.
All of them, including the representative Nakanaga, are tea instructors who are trained in Sri Lanka.
: Send tea and ingredients to participants in advance. Use what you have at home or what you can easily get at the supermarket
Let's buy more with a plus and reach the day.
After seeing the lecturer's demonstration, everyone will actually make tea.
Since it will be practiced immediately, you can enjoy the taste of real black tea at home while taking online lessons.
: The time required is 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Up to 90 people can participate at one time.
: An online Sri Lankan tea tour that connects to Sri Lankan tea gardens by zoom is also held.
[Content example]
: How to make delicious black tea-Tips to bring out the umami of black tea-
: How to brew and arrange milk tea that is particular about tea leaves and milk
: Chai and Royal Milk Tea-Making original chai using spices-
: Enjoy iced tea in summer-How to brew iced tea and easy arrangement tea-
: The charm of Sri Lankan black tea 7 Characteristics of major production areas-Let's make the milk tea "Kirite" loved in Sri Lanka at home-
: A trip around the sacred place of black tea Introducing Sri Lankan tea spots
-If you can travel the world freely ... Next time you want to go to Sri Lanka-
: How to enjoy black tea by production area-Arrange tea with one tea-You can choose one of the following.
・ Candy tea / features, pairing with food, arranged tea (orange tea)
・ Uva tea / features, pairing with food, arranged tea (Uva & cardamom tea )
・ Dimbula tea / features, pairing with food, arranged tea (Russian tea with strawberry jam )
: Tea to enjoy in a tea bag-How to brew, tea ole, iced tea-
: Easy arrangement tea with herbs and tea-Refresh with herbs-
: Tea Cocktail-Seasonal Tea Cocktail and Fruit Cut-
: Sri Lanka Tea Garden Tour (AMBA Tea Garden)
1) Please feel free to contact us from the following if you are in charge of comparing and considering from now on.
2) We will discuss the desired content and date and time with the person in charge.
3) After confirming payment, the reservation will be officially made.
4) A few days before the event, we will send the tea, etc. to be used in the online lesson to the participants.
5) Held




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