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Q & A

▼ About the entire online lesson
[Q] I applied, but I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?
A, Once you apply for a lesson, it is non-refundable. If you are absent, after the lesson
Please send an email with the title [Request for recording].
At a later date, we will send you a recording that you can watch for a limited time.
[Q] I would like to see the recording of the lesson that has ended. Do you sell?
A, We do not support recording sales of lessons for which you have not applied in advance.
[ Q] Can I participate even if I have small children?
A, It's online, so you can join with your children.
If you are interrupted during the lesson, please be assured that we will send you a video after the lesson.
▼ About 3 courses
[Q] I want to enjoy tea more at home. Which course do you recommend?
A, Premium basic course is recommended. Beginners can enjoy learning about black tea.
You can also transfer to the Ceylon Tea Master Course after completing the Premium Basic Course.
[Q ] I am interested in Sri Lanka as well as black tea. Which course do you recommend?
A, Ceylon Tea Master Course is recommended. Black tea and black tea producing area, Sri Lanka
Nakanaga, who stayed for one year and practiced tea, will tell you deeply, including the actual experience.
[Q] I am a tea teacher. I would like to increase the arrangement menu, which one is recommended?
A, Cafe menu course is recommended. If you want to know more about the production area,
We recommend the Sri Lankan production center series, which is the ultimate in one-off lessons.
In addition, we also offer a one-shot lesson that arranges three patterns of one tea.
▼ About Premium Basic Course
[Q] Can I take the Premium Basic Course as a one-time lesson?
A, there are those serving students in single lesson, but it is a limited course of only part of the course.
Please refer to it as it is clearly stated on the page.
[ Q] It seems that there is practical training every time, but is it okay if I don't have many tools?
A, it's okay. You need the minimum tools for making black tea, such as pots and tea strainers, but other tools and materials are also available.
We are planning to make something that is easy to obtain.
We also sell recommended pots and tea strainers at Mitsu Tea stores or online shops.
▼ About Ceylon Tea Master Course
[ Q] Is a study trip to Sri Lanka mandatory?
A, it is not. It is a course that includes travel.
For study trips held immediately after the lesson, master course students will secure the highest priority seats.
(If there is room in the seat, we will recruit the general public after that)
However, traveling immediately after the lesson may be difficult due to poor physical condition or family reasons.
In that case, you may participate in the next training trip, but it will not be a priority seat, so at the timing of general recruitment
Please apply for participation.
Only those who participate in the tour will be required to pay the tour price (approximately 350,000-400,000 yen) before participating.
[Q] If I transfer from the Premium Basic Course, will the tuition fee for the Master Course be reduced?
A, yes. Seven of the 16 courses will be exempted, and the tuition fee will be reduced accordingly.
[Q] Can I take the Ceylon Tea Master Course as a one-off lesson?
A, yes. You can also take some one-off lessons. However, there are some courses that are only available in the Ceylon Tea Master Course.
Please refer to it as it is clearly stated on the page.
▼ About the cafe menu course
[Q] I have never studied black tea before, but is it possible to take the cafe menu course?
A, it is possible. The course also includes the basics of black tea. After knowing the basics, we aim to step up in order.
[Q] What kind of people are taking the cafe menu course?
A, Those who run a cafe, those who are about to open a tea, those who run a tea class, expand the range of tea and increase the menu
I am taking this course with the motive of wanting to go.
[Q] Some items, such as "how to brew milk tea," are covered from other courses, but how are they different?
A, The program content of the cafe menu course is organized from the perspective of learning tea as a job.
How to make syrup that can be stocked at the store to reduce loss, how to make tea that can be served in a short time, etc.
It also includes what is actually useful in the field.
[Q] Is there any practical training in the cafe menu course?
A, You can improve your skills by practicing each time. Since the number of people is small, we will proceed while watching the situation. Also, prepare in advance
I will let you know what to do.
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