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Online lessons

Ceylon Tea School launches online lessons where you can watch lessons from anywhere you like.
Recommended for those who live far away, those with small children, those who cannot leave the house due to nursing care, etc., those who are busy with work and cannot take time.

【How to Use】

Watch with Zoom. You can view it from your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

If you just want to watch it, you don't need to register Zoom at all.

The tea leaves and tools to be used are specified on each page. Let's practice at home with the instructor. Please order from here.

You can also participate even if the video is off, so feel free to join us.

1) Apply for a lesson

2) Please make a payment.

3) Click here for how to participate in Zoom.

If you want to watch it on your smartphone or tablet, please download Zoom Cloud Meetings in advance using the app.

4) After confirming payment, we will send you the Zoom URL and password by email by the day before the lesson.

5) On the day of the lesson, please click the URL sent by email to watch it.

You can enter the room from 5 minutes before the start.

[Q & A] is here

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