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Ceylon Tea Online Master Course

9th gen member schedule

Looking for a start in January 2022

 [16 times in total twice a month / Saturday / 10:00 am to 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes / 8 months + Sri Lanka tour]

The 1st Saturday, January 8, 2022 About Sri Lanka

2nd January 22nd (Sat) How to make black tea

3rd February 5th (Sat) How to brew milk tea

4th February 19th (Sat) Fruits and tea

5th March 5th (Sat) How to make chai

6th March 19 and Saturday, field (tea plantation) process

7th April 2nd (Sat) Tasting

8th April 16th (Sat) About Candy Tea
9th May 7th (Sat)
About Ruhuna Black Tea and Sabaragamuwa Black Tea

The 10th May 21st (Sat) About Uva Black Tea

The 11th June 4th (Sat) About Dimbula Black Tea

12th June 18th (Sat) About Nuwara Eliya Black Tea and Udapusserawa Black Tea

13th July 2nd (Sat) How to brew iced tea

14th July 16th (Sat) Herbs and tea

15th August 6th (Sat) Spices and tea

16th August 20th (Sat) History of Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka Tour around September

■ Schedule is subject to change.

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