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Use Zoom to do this.

4th Sunday of every month (3rd Sunday in December 2021 only) 10 am-11:30pm

Basically, it involves practical training every time, but since you participate using the tools at home, you can easily reproduce the brewing method you learned.

The lesson will be recorded, so if you cannot attend due to circumstances, or if you missed the lesson on the way, you can watch the lesson video by contacting us.

1st April 25, 2021 (Sun) Ceylon Tea Tasting by Origin

2nd May 23 (Sun ) How to make black tea

3rd June 27th (Sun ) Ice Tea

4th July 25th (Sun ) Ice Tea Arrangement

5th September 26th (Sun ) Herbs and tea

6th   October 24th (Sun ) Milk tea

7th    November 28th (Sun ) Spices and tea

8th    December 19th (Sun ) Chai

9th 2022 January 23 (Sunday) fruit and tea

10th      February 27 (Sunday) afternoon tea

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