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[Schedule 10th term] Held Sundays from 10:00 to 12:00


1st April 5, 2020

How to make black tea and tasting by production area

2nd April 19th

How to make milk tea-The expanding world of milk tea-

3rd May 17th

How to put iced tea

4th May 31st

About Black Tea Appraisal-What is delicious black tea? ~


5th June 21st

Arranged milk tea ~ How to add value to milk tea and increase the menu ~


6th July 26th

Arranged Ice Tea-Ice Tea Menu for Producing Originality-


7th September 27th

Herb & Tea Blend-Creating a menu that meets your health-conscious needs-


8th October 18th

Original blended tea-A blend that enhances the appeal of Ceylon tea-


9th November 15th

Christmas & Tea Cocktail-How to make Christmas-themed tea-


The 10th January 17, 2021

Chai-Verifying Royal Milk Tea as a Cafe Menu-

11th February 21st

Spices & Blended Tea-How to combine spices that have been attracting attention recently with black tea-

12th March 21st

Fruit & Tea-Tea menu plan using fruits-

13th April 18th

Afternoon Tea ~ About Afternoon Tea Composition ~



14th May 16th

Sri Lankan Ingredients and Black Tea-Thinking about the charm of Sri Lanka from food-



15th June 20th

Pairing with food-Proposal of black tea that makes the best use of the food menu-


16th July 18th

Research presentation-Practice of lectures by research presentation-


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