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Ceylon Tea Online Cafe Menu Course

This is a course to expand the menu using Ceylon tea.
The first semester is full. (2nd gen member from April 2022)
  The content is specialized for those who want to learn black tea from a business perspective.
A small menu of the loss made stock in the shop, such as the original menu making to add value.
   Recommended for people like this
Those who run a cafe

Those who will open a cafe from now on

Those who preside over tea classes

Those who want to increase the Ceylon tea menu



Held with a small number of people (up to 6 people)

Lesson structure centered on practical training even online

You can watch it from your home, on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. (Using zoom)

If you wish , you can also participate in the video off.


 [12 times in total once a month / Sunday / 10 am- 11 hours 30 minutes 12 months]

1st How to make black tea as a professional

▼ How to make delicious black tea at the store

▼ Appraisal about water

▼ How to serve black tea that will not keep you waiting

▼ Practice: Making delicious black tea

2nd Appraisal for purchasing black tea

▼ Characteristics of black tea by production area and which tea to select at the shop ▼ How to explain to customers The point ▼ Practice: Tasting of 7 major production areas

3rd How to make iced tea according to the situation of the shop

▼ Ice tea

Shorten the time (stock method), make only one cup to eliminate loss (on the rocks method),

Can be done without hassle (watering method)

▼ Rich ice milk tea

Separate method that looks good

▼ Practice: On the Rocks Ice Tea Watered Ice Tea Ice Milk Tea

4th Ice Tea Arrangement to Add Value

▼ How to make syrup that can be stocked

You can produce a sense of the season and reduce loss

▼ How to assemble and produce arranged iced tea

How to add value that looks good

▼ Practice: Separate ice tea, arranged ice milk tea

5th How to make hot milk tea provided at the store

▼ Points for making delicious milk tea
▼ How to choose milk

▼ How to serve hot milk tea at the store

▼ Practice: Comparison of drinking milk tea

6th Herbal blended tea that brings out originality

▼ What kind of herbs and black tea are combined

▼ How to choose, provide, and direct herbs

▼ Add original herbal tea to the menu

▼ Practice: Making original herbal blended tea

The 7th Seasonal Enjoyment (Christmas) Tea Production

▼ How to make Christmas with black tea

How to make Christmas blended tea

▼ About Molded Wine Tea (Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic)

▼ Practice: Making mulled wine tea & Christmas tea blended tea

The 8th popular menu milk tea arrangement

▼ How to make popular menu chai at the store?

▼ What is the menu of arranged milk tea that is efficiently made with one type of tea leaves?

▼ Practice: Masala Chai, Arranged Milk Tea

The 9th Blended Tea Using Featured Spices

▼ How to choose and use the main spices that go well with black tea

▼ How to choose Ceylon tea according to the flavor of spices

▼ Practice: Making an original Masala Chai blend

10th Blended tea as a product

▼ Classification and formulation of black tea when making blended tea

▼ Points on how to make original blended tea as a product

▼ Practice: Making original blended tea

The 11th Fruit & Tea to upgrade the menu

▼ How to choose black tea that complements seasonal fruits

▼ Arranged tea using fruits

▼ How to produce a sense of the season

▼ Practice: Making fresh fruit tea

12th Afternoon Tea Incorporating Trends

▼ How to offer afternoon tea at the store

▼ Food menu structure, sandwich recipe, scone recipe

▼ Practice: Making sandwiches Making scones

■ Schedule is subject to change.

: Course fee 12 times in total Tuition fee 62,000 yen

(Including teaching material fee of 20,000 yen)

(Payment time: Bank transfer during the month of January 2022)


: Capacity 6 people (minimum 4 people)

If the minimum number of people is not reached, it will not be held.

Training materials (tea leaves, herbs, spices, etc.) will be sent to your home in advance.

In addition, as a privilege for those who take this course, we will give you a jumping teapot.

In principle, the tuition fee once transferred is non-refundable.

: Each lesson will be recorded.

If you cannot participate on the day, you can watch the recording for a limited time.

: Lecturer Tea Coordinator Ayako Suzuki

: Student benefits

・ Course graduates are registered as MITSUTEA VIP

・ VIP priority reservation is possible for special courses

・ Black tea can be purchased at wholesale prices (however, there are conditions)

[Q & A] is here


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