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Ceylon Tea Online Cafe Menu Course

1st gen member schedule

[3rd Sunday of every month from 10:00 to 11:30: 5th Sunday of May December, 2nd Sunday of March]


1st April 18th (Sun) How to make black tea

2nd May 30th (Sun) Tea Appraisal

3rd June 20th (Sun) Ice Tea

4th July 18th (Sun) Ice Tea Arrange

5th September 19th (Sun) How to make milk tea

6th October 17th (Sun) Herbal Blend Tea

7th November 21st (Sun) Christmas Tea

8th December 12th (Sun) Milk Tea Arrangement


09th January 16th (Sun) Spice Blend Tea

10th February 20th (Sun) Blended Tea

11th March 13th (Sun) Fruit & Tea

12th April 17th (Sun) Afternoon Tea

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