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Menu planning course


This course is for those who open a cafe, those who have already opened and want to expand the menu further, those who preside over a tea class, and those who want to know more about tea.

Focusing on practical training, the goal is to master Ceylon tea and increase the tea menu.


I have taken a comprehensive course on how to learn black tea, including the latest topics, and I am currently active in various fields.

We will proceed using the original textbook. After completing the entire process, those who have confirmed their knowledge and skills in black tea will be issued a certificate of completion.

Many people wish to participate from afar, and due to new lifestyle changes, all online course lessons have started from the 8th grade.

In addition, the content has been changed from the content for business and entrepreneurship so far to a deeper understanding of Ceylon tea.

You can watch it from your home, on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

This is a one-year course, so if possible, please join us by video-on.

: Course fee 12 times 62,000 yen (tax included)

(Teaching material fee 20,000 yen + shipping fee included)





Tea coordinator Suzuki



Posted on HP as MITSUTEA certified tea menu advisor

(Details such as terms and conditions will be explained separately)


: Graduates can take VIP lessons

What is VIP lesson? Special lesson for course graduates only



・ Black tea can be purchased at wholesale prices

・ Assistant work for opening an event (paid)

・ Participation in special seminars Special lessons by external lecturers, etc.

・ External workshop (afternoon tea, Sri Lankan curry restaurant,

Special training on spices and herbs, etc.)

・ Workshop by MITSUTEA instructor


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