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[Schedule Menu Planning 11th Term] Fall 2020 Recruitment Starts Sunday 9: 30-11: 30


1st April 11, 2021

How to make black tea and tasting by production area

~ Various tastes of Ceylon tea so different ~


Based on the experience and knowledge unique to specialty stores, the tools needed to make black tea,

Talk about the amount of tea leaves, hot water, etc. Basic delicious brewing method

Explanation of black tea by production area in Sri Lanka and tasting using a tasting cup

2nd April 25th

How to make milk tea-The expanding world of milk tea-


How to choose and put tea leaves specializing in milk tea

What is CTC tea leaves? About the charm of another tea leaf that is not in the first tasting by production area

The richness and aroma of Ceylon tea × The richness and quantity of milk

3rd May 9th

How to put iced tea

-Reproduce the two most popular straight and milk teas at Mitsu Tea Cafe-


How to choose tea leaves to make clear iced tea

How to choose and make tea leaves for rich and rich ice milk tea



4th May 23rd

About Black Tea Appraisal-What is delicious black tea? ~


Tasting of various black teas from one production area

Items and points to appraise delicious black tea

I will search for points to put in deliciously


5th June 27th

Arranged milk tea ~ How to add value to milk tea and increase the menu ~


Making syrup that goes well with milk tea

Arranged milk tea menu plan


6th July 25th

Arranged Ice Tea-Ice Tea Menu for Producing Originality-


How to make a syrup that can be stored

Arranged iced tea using fruits and syrup

Arrange recipes that look great on Instagram


7th September 26th

Herb & Tea Blend-Creating a menu that meets your health-conscious needs-


Learn the characteristics of herbs

Verify compatibility with black tea

Make original herbal blended tea


8th October 24th

Original blended tea-A blend that enhances the appeal of Ceylon tea-


Verify the characteristics of Ceylon tea

Make your own blended tea




9th November 28th

Christmas & Tea Cocktail-How to make Christmas-themed tea-


Make an original Christmas blended tea

Tea cocktail with liqueur


The 10th January 23, 2022

Chai-Verifying Royal Milk Tea as a Cafe Menu-

How to make chai

Verification of tea leaves that match royal milk tea

Variation menu of royal milk tea


11th February 20th

Spices & Blended Tea-How to combine spices that have been attracting attention recently with black tea-


Know and master the characteristics of spices

About the process of making cinnamon in Sri Lanka

Verify the compatibility of black tea and spices

Make original mixed spice tea


12th March 27th

Fruit & Tea-Tea menu plan using fruits-


Matching tea leaves and fruits

Menu using fresh fruits

Menu with fruit compote

13th April 24th

Afternoon Tea ~ About Afternoon Tea Composition ~


Welcome tea

Food and sweets menu making and tea pairing

Sandwich making


14th May 22nd

Sri Lankan Ingredients and Black Tea-Thinking about the charm of Sri Lanka from food-


Milk tea (Kirite)

About local food in Sri Lanka



15th June 26th

Pairing with food-Proposal of black tea that makes the best use of the food menu-


Proposals for future food. What is pairing with a hood

Food and tea pairing verification


16th July 24th

Research presentation-Practice of lectures by research presentation-


How to tackle future issues

About black tea as a business

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